Design Your Funtastic Semi On-Ground Pool

Designing your Funtastic Pool is simple, just start by selecting the pool size you’re interested in below. From there, you will be able to add options that are best for your pool!

1. Choose Your Pool Size & Shape

The first step to creating your Funtastic Pool is to select the size and shape from the choices below. This will take you to the Funtastic Pool “Options” form for that pool.

2. Fill Out THE Funtastic “Options” Form

Filling out our Funtastic form is easy. Just select the different pool options and accessories you’re interested in, and you will instantly receive your manufacturer suggested retail pricing via email.

3. Submit Your Pool

Submitting our Funtastic Pool “Options” form will send an email to one of our Custom Service Specialist to work with you on your purchasing decision. All information is private and will not be shared without your consent.

Design and Price Your Oval Pool

Classic design meets contemporary construction.

All our pools can be free-standing or mounted to a deck. Our oval pools come in three standard sizes – 18′ x 33′, 15′ x 30′, 12′ x 24′.

12′ x 24′ – As low as $7,352
15′ x 30′ – As low as $8,922
18′ x 33′ – As low as $10,425

Funtastic Pools Oval Pool features an elegant design that’s perfect for almost any backyard. Click the thumbnail images below to begin creating your Funtastic Pool.

Design and Price Your Round Pool

Functional and a good fit for a wide variety of yards.

Simplicity and five size options make our custom round pools great for large yards, small lots, and almost everything in between.

15′ – As low as $4,760

18′ – As low as $5,593

21′ – As low as $6,381

24′ – As low as $7,220

28′ – As low as $8,141

Choose from the sizes below to get the perfect pool to transform your backyard.

Design and Price Your Grecian Pool

This classic geometric design creates an elegant look.

They are great for people that are looking for a design that’s not a traditional as a round or oval pool. Grecian Funtastic pools come in four different sizes.

12’3″ x 24’3″ – As low as $7,633

14’3″ x 28’3″ – As low as $9,206

16’6″ x 32′ 6″ – As low as $10,325

18’6 x 36’6″ – As low as $11,810

Design and Price Your Freeform Pool

Need a flexible solution? We got you covered.

If you have a uniquely shaped space we can contruct a pool to fit it.

Just choose a basic size from the choices below and start your journey to a new pool, new backyard, and new lifestyle.

13′ x 22′ – As low as $7,608

16′ x 28′ – As low as $9,210

18′ x 32′ – As low as $10,612